Adllura Texture Control
Mucota Adllura Texture Control deliver the desire hair texture during perming, rebonding or coloring.
DYNA a 100% no formaldehye Argan Oil Treatment suitable for unruly and un-manageable hair to reduce frizzy hair and make hair straighter and smooth.
Live Luminesta
Live Luminesta Treatment smoothen hair surface to reduce friction and facilitates the application of colour. By emulsification to reduce hair damage thus promote longer color retention. With various fruit acids that produces a fruity scent gently helps to neutralizes the alkaline residues. Live Luminesta Treatment also repair and protect hair surface to give hair the softness and silkiness.
Scena Hair Treatment is the source of beautiful hair which create a transparent texture for the source of beautiful hair by constituent the element in the hair. Scena Hair Treatment focus on the mechanism of hair damage thus give hair the freshness and shining luster.